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Let the coaching community help you

Be a Better Coach!

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SO much more than a job posting

• Post your job for thousands of qualified coaches to see

• Our matching technology finds the best candidates and invites them to apply

• See complete profiles, resumes, communicate with and manage candidates

“As an employer, I get several times the number of qualified candidates within a day or so, as opposed to weeks from posting on a job board.  I can also see the coaching tree for each candidate and check references before I even respond.  This service has revolutionized the way Lubbock ISD recruits coaches.”

Jim Garfield, Assistant Athletics Director
Lubbock Independent School District

For coaches, by coaches

I’ve spent my career as a coach and as a coach association director.  I started this company to continue my commitment to the coaching profession by helping you with your career as a coach.  Better coaches make us stronger and more effective in teaching athletes.  I want to help you be a better coach.  There is a lot of energy and effort that’s been put into this company for your benefit.  From your coach association to our dedicated staff to a host of other people that are invested in your success and the success of the coaching profession.  Join one of our partner coach associations and register with MyCoachingTree as soon as you can.  Do it for our profession.  Do it for the association.  And most importantly, do it for yourself. 


D.W. Rutledge
President and Founder

  • Years as a college and high school coach: 27
  • Head coaching record over 17 seasons: 198-31-5 with 4 Texas 6A Championships
  • Years as Executive Director with Texas High School Coaches Association: 20
  • Author of Coaching to Change Lives