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North Carolina Coaches Association and MyCoachingTree partner


Thursday, March 31, 2022

CONTACT: Phillip Engle

GREENSBORO, NC and AUSTIN, TX March 31, 2022 - North Carolina, like many states, faces serious challenges to access qualified teachers, administrators, and coaches. Coaching associations, across the country, are looking to technology tools to help identify and develop new coaches coming into the industry, while supporting the career development and advancement of all coaches.

Leading coaching organizations, like the North Carolina Coaches Association (NCCA), are actively exploring new ways to expand high-quality coaching pipelines and increase job and training opportunities for their membership. The NCCA membership of 6,700 coaches will now have access to advanced job search and development resources through a partnership with

MyCoachingTree is an online coaching career and job matching platform, designed to help coaches take control of their career. The platform is currently offered to state and national coaching associations. MyCoachingTree offers the industry’s first coaching tree visualization capabilities, and a robust toolkit of job searching and matching features that make it easier for employers and coaches to find the right fit.

“As an association, we don’t currently provide any job search capabilities,” says Phil Weaver, Co-Executive Director of the NCAA. “We’re confident members will find the MyCoachingTree job search function to be extremely trustworthy, and more useful and thorough than our coaches' current options.”

“Our team is proud to partner with the NCCA staff to bring MyCoachingTree to the great coaches in North Carolina,” says D.W. Rutledge, President of MyCoachingTree. “We’re committed to helping leading associations, like the NCCA, provide coaches with job matching and career building assistance that supports and strengthens the coaching profession.”

“I believe that by partnering with MyCoachingTree, our members will have the opportunity to effectively promote themselves to potential employers,” says Joe Franks, Executive Secretary of the NCCA. “MyCoachingTree provides added value to organizations that are striving to promote opportunities for coaches in education-based athletics.”

About MyCoachingTree

MyCoachingTree helps coaches manage their careers. The service helps coaches with education, networking, and an automated job search, and helps school districts with a candidate search service. Using artificial intelligence, MyCoachingTree helps coaches and school districts find their next great opportunity. Founded in 2018, is a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information visit

About the North Carolina Coaches Association

The North Carolina Coaches Association was founded in 1948 to provide clinic based educational opportunities for coaches involved in education-based athletics. In addition, the NCCA has held All-Star Games to recognize member coaches and celebrate recently graduated student-athletes. It is currently one of the largest multi-sport coaching clinics in the country.

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